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Khadim's is primarily a Family Brand, manufacturing and marketing fashionable footwear for kids, young adults, adults and seniors. We are known for durable quality footwear perfectly combined with modern elegance available at affordable prices.

We offer:

  • Range of footwear for the entire family.
  • Wide variety of designs and styles that serve a range of utility - basic, formal, semi-formal, casual, occasional.
  • Affordable fashion; stylish shoes without a price tag that ever gets too high.
  • Durable quality, long-lasting products.
  • Unmatched value-for-money experience.

Our beautiful collection of slippers, sandals, and shoes are ideal for everyday wear, in and around home or office; a pair of Khadim’s on your feet gives you that extra confidence to go through each day with great ease.


Retail Operations

Khadim’s forayed into retailing in 1993 by setting up its first showrooms in Kolkata, West Bengal, soon followed by expansion in urban, semi-urban and rural regions of Eastern India that made it a household name for a trusted footwear brand. With penetration into South India in 2000, Khadim’s had begun to realize its dream of becoming a national brand with a wide-spread, organized retail network.

Today, Khadim’s enjoys nationwide prominence with over 600 footwear retail outlets in 21 states in India. We continue to enjoy an admirable presence in footwear retailing in Eastern and Southern India; we aim to further consolidate our position by penetrating the urban and semi-urban markets in South India. Expansion is planned in Western and Central India in the current financial year.


Khadim’s has a distribution network of over 200 distributors, primarily in Eastern India, that serves over 15000 MBO’s (multi brand outlets) with product lines of Hawai, Flip-Flop, PVC, Eva, PU, and School Shoes.


Khadim’s has sophisticated design infrastructure and production setups in Panpur and Kasba Industrial Estate, West Bengal, that is equipped with the latest in modern manufacturing facilities and specialised equipment sourced from all over the globe. This allows the company to manufacture an extremely wide range of international-quality footwear comprising formal, semi-formal and casual shoes, sandals and slippers, sport shoes and school shoes and much more for men, women and children. The production volumes generated by its high-trained employees make Khadim’s one of the country’s largest footwear manufacturers.

Khadim’s lays special attention to quality that is supported by a procurement policy that sources vital inputs and raw materials only from established and approved suppliers. Procured materials are subject to a stringent quality-assurance system enforced by a trained quality control team that checks for quality-standards compliance at every stage of the manufacturing process. To ensure the highest quality and timely delivery, all shoe components like soles, uppers and insoles are manufactured in-house and the manufactured footwear subject to 100% inspection before being packed and shipped to the retail outlets.



Khadim’s has an avowed policy of being a footwear manufacturer to customers from all walks of life. In support of this, the company has established a retail network of more than 600 stores that encompasses virtually all corners of the country, even the most remote of locations with sparse populations. The company’s distribution centres strategically situated at Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi services a multi-tiered distribution network comprising Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers and Exclusive Brand Outlets that caters efficiently to the country’s burgeoning population.


Khadim’s products are positioned for the masses, to suit Indian conditions and to dependably meet the requirements and ambition of each and every generation. Towards this mission, Khadim’s commits itself to manufacturing footwear of excellence that suits customers from all walks of life. Our reasonably priced products ensure customers feel happy knowing they have made a money-wise purchase. “Affordable fashion for everyone” remains at the core of our business objective.