Explore the best Spring-Summer Collection for Men

Summer is finally here- the perfect season for topical themes and apparel to make its way back into your wardrobe. With the temperatures rising, you might want to choose an attire that complements the weather. Warm and humid on the outside, nothing gets better than choosing something that keeps you cool inside-out. Light colored apparel, caps, and shades are certainly a part of your theme. But, did you miss out on something? Something that keeps you going? Something that ensures you step into the right direction both in style and comfort? As confusing as it may seem, the answer is as easy as you think. Yes, you got it right- it’s summer-themed footwear for men .

The term “summer shoes” might sound cliche for one. But, it’s a universal name known to most millennials and gen-z’s than older individuals. The season being hot and humid calls for closed footwear to take the back seat. On the other hand, open-toed footwear for men tends to rack up in stores and malls to grab the attention of new customers. Closed shoes being heavier than expected tend to make your feet sweat more. However, with open-toed footwear, it's just the opposite. Characterized as lighter and better than old-school traditional footwear options, these breezy pairs are best for the hotter climates.

Apart from the hot summers, spring season is no less when it comes to styling. With freshness filling the air, your outfit can also compliment the weather outside. With the Indian weather being more breezy than usual, all you need is the right footwear to keep you moving. With the weather being difficult on us, styling gets even more easier with the right pair of men’s flip-flops online . Offering a design that’s both unique and colorful with a lightweight and durable offering- your OOTD is now made effortless and out of the box.

Best Summer-Spring Footwear for Men

The weather keeps changing from time-to-time. So does your wardrobe. With most brands staying ahead of their game with the best summer-spring collections, Khadim leaves no reason to be a step behind.

Offering a plethora of options to choose from, getting one from one is nothing less than a challenge. Colorful designs, eye-catchy colors, and efficient build, these pairs are a package in itself. From quality flip-flops to stylish sandals, this collection can be a good addition to your wardrobe.

Seeing the weather, you might want to get your hands on some of them, right? Here’s a few of the best from the men’s spring-summer collection.

  1. Khadim Brown Flip-Flops for Men- Irrespective of having a robust design, it’s just the right pair for daily-use. With a clean and simple design, being ready for the summers is now a piece of cake. Being extremely durable with a sleep and lightweight sole, its airy design helps you breathe easy at all times.

  2. Pro Blue Flip-Flops for Men- If colorful styles are something you fancy, this pair ensures you slide into both slide and comfort. Soft on your feet, yet tough on our moves, this pair of Pro slides are your perfect summer companion.

  3. Khadim Black Fisherman Sandal for Men - Looking for the perfect balance of comfort and style, this pair is the ideal example of everyday footwear. Made to stand out in every occasion, this cost-effective and durable pair is value-for-money.

  4. Pro Navy Floater Sandal for Men- Your feet deserve to stand out in style. And, with this colorful pair of floaters, you’re ready for every adventure that comes to you. Made for high performance, its open construction design redefines long-term comfort at its best.

Keeping the summer-spring vibe in check, Khadim offers a wide array of styles that compliment the weather best. With the spring-summer collection, get ready to style up your wardrobe with not just one, but many at once. With airy and colorful footwear, the best flip-flops for men are nothing, but WOW. Get ready for the summers as Khadim steps up your game in style.