Best Comfy Sandals to Inspire Your Wardrobe

Summers are the perfect season for exploration and relaxation. With this enjoyment comes a list of unprecedented challenges to hold back one’s excitement. The constant rise in temperatures and humidity enforces one to stay in rather than move out. While being indoors is a preference for many, there are a few who still consider moving outdoors irrespective of the summer heat. Moving out means having to style in such a way that the heat doesn’t take a toll on oneself. This calls for ensuring you stay both comfortable and fashionable at the same time. And, with the right flat sandals for women, you can be summer-ready in no time.

Open-toed footwear is by far one of the best footwear options for the Indian summer. Labeled as the unofficial summer pair, nothing gets better than sliding in and standing out in style. Comfy flat sandals for women don’t only ensure your feet stay protected from the hot weather. They also offer versatility irrespective of the occasion. Be it for a walk, a day at the office, or a casual outing, this pair slides into every attire with ease.

We admit that Indian summers are not very soothing. At times we all need the right outfit to ensure our body feels airy and comfy even during long hours. All we look for in a perfect pair is a mix of fashion and functionality. Khadim India understands that the weather can get challenging. Seeing the constant rise in temperatures, you’d ideally need a pair that helps your feet breathe easily. This calls for perfect timing as the brand has recently launched its latest spring-summer collection. Offering stylish flat sandals for ladies at an affordable price, they can be light on your pocket and your feet.

Khadim: Spring-Summer Collection for Women

With comfort and style being important factors when it comes to footwear, the spring-summer collection from Khadim is a mark above the rest. Being the perfect example of style on a budget, it offers summer-friendly colors that go well with every piece of apparel from your wardrobe. If you’d wish to WOW your summer wardrobe, these pairs can be the perfect addition.

  1. Khadim Pink Heel Slip-Ons for Women: The temperature is rising. So is the hype for better footwear. The constant rise in temperature does not put a stop to parties. And, with the right heel sandals for ladies get ready for special occasions in style. Giving your feet the right support, look sophisticated at all times yet stylish whenever you step out.

  2. Cleo Pink Flat Mules for Women: It's often believed that light-colored footwear goes well with the summers. Hence, this pair of Cleo pink mules explains why women prefer this pair as much as others. Being the right casual pick for occasions, this pair is made to distant aches and pains while walking for long hours. If you’re looking for the perfect balance between elegance and casual style, this pair can be the right choice.

  3. Khadim Cherry Red Flat Slip-Ons for Women- Does anything get better than sliding into a fashionable pair of slip-ons? Well, as easy as it gets, flat sandals for women are made keeping effortless styling in mind. Apart from an eye-catchy color palette, this pair can also go well with your party OOTD.

  4. Pro Navy Floater Sandal for Men- Your feet deserve to stand out in style. And, with this colorful pair of floaters, you’re ready for every adventure that comes to you. Made for high performance, its open construction design redefines long-term comfort at its best.

Apart from all the above footwear styles, matching colors and styles can get challenging at times. Here’s where Khadim bridges the gap with their wide range of summer-style footwear to go well with any style. Ranging from different patterns, color palettes, and build, one can be spoilt for choice in no time. So get your summer wardrobe decked out with Khadim spring-summer collection starting at just 399/-. This summer choose the best footwear styles as #ItsWOWItsKhadim.

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