Best Comfy Sandals to Inspire Your Wardrobe

Style up your wardrobe this summer with the best summer-themed footwear options from Khadim Spring-Summer Collection. Offering eye-catchy patterns at never seen before prices, the best stylish flat sandals for ladies can now be yours. Visit the Khadim website and get yours today.

Explore the best Spring-Summer Collection for Men

Summer is finally here- the perfect season for topical themes and apparel to make its way back into your wardrobe. With the temperatures rising, you might want to choose an attire that complements the weather. Warm and humid on the outside, nothing gets better than choosing something that keeps you cool inside-out. Light colored apparel, caps, and shades are certainly a part of your theme. But, did you miss out on something? Something that keeps you going? Something that ensures you step into the right direction both in style and comfort? As confusing as it may seem, the answer is as easy as you think. Yes, you got it right- it’s summer-themed footwear for men.

Get Wedding-ready with the Best Ethnic Footwear

Today’s millennials are hardcore movie freaks. From the best scenes to dance moves, everything is crystal clear and in the tip of their tongue. From their favorite actors to their eye-catchy outfits, it makes them want to bring out the superstar they've always wished for. On a mission to be just like their favorite actors/actresses, the demand for an outfit upgrade is the first thing that comes to one’s mind. And, with the wedding season round the bend, it gets even better when festive styles catch our eyes.

Beat the Heat with the Best Summer Footwear Styles

There’s a popular quote that goes by- “It’s summer and time for wandering”. The weather is getting warmer. This calls for a wardrobe change that keeps the heat and style vibe in check. Being the perfect weather for vacations, trips, and outdoor activities, your attire ought to beat the heat. The summers insist we get lighter on our attire, with less scope for perspiration and odor. As much as our wardrobe requires a check, our footwear also needs to be altered to ensure its in-sync with the summer heat.

Be a Shoe-stopper with the Best Party Footwear

There’s a popular quote that goes by “don’t be simply at the party. Be the party. Not only is this quote a Bible for many partygoers, but many also abide by the same to be high above all. Talking of parties, your appearance is something that defines everything about you. Having attire that you feel confident about makes for a good party session where you can’t get enough of your OOTD.